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Happy New Year everyone!

This is my first personal post here on my blog, but I thought it was high time I started documenting the things that happen to me – the mundane that make me over-the-moon happy and the small things that I might otherwise forget – and what better place to put that then with all my other thoughts?

2016 is looking to be one of my best years yet. I rung it in with my closest friends, running around in the backgarden with star shaped sparklers, before jumping into the pool for a midnight game of volleyball. Then we made ourselves tea and curled up in bed under a nest of blankets to watch Mean Girls. I was awoken by my usually dignified, mature friends teaching each other how to make the best fake fart sound and I was filled with pure, unadulterated joy.

And while I was snuggled under a quilt with Easy A playing in the background, I came to thinking about what I want to achieve this year.

  1. I would like to read 50 books
  2. I would like to get a job
  3. I would like to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in Gold Class

They may seem fairly standard and boring goals, but I want something achievable and tangible. I have hopes for 2016 too, but they’re categorized slightly differently for me – anything that is quantitative is a goal, anything that isn’t is a hope.

  1. I hope that my family and friends and I are happy
  2. I hope that my school places more importance on mental health in the classroom
  3. I hope that I have the strength to overcome whatever issues I may face in 2016

That’s it. For the moment at least. And I’m already working my way towards these things and many more, but if I can get this done I’ll be beyond proud of myself.

Check back with me at the end of the year though.

(This post was written before changes to my blog, when all posts where categorized by “sparks”. Any and all references to Katy/Everyday/Travelling/Life Sparks or Sparkszine are as a result of this)


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